Apr 1

City of Centennial Exploring Fiber and Telecommunications Opportunities

By Jill Hassman

April Newsletter 2014-city-of-centennialAt the November 5, 2013 election, voters of the City of Centennial approved Ballot Question 2G concerning the City’s ability to use its fiber optic infrastructure. Passage of 2G granted Centennial the statutory authority to indirectly provide certain telecommunications services through competitive and non-exclusive partnerships.

Since 2008, Centennial has been developing its fiber optic infrastructure to connect and operate the City’s traffic control signals, weather stations and public facilities. However, the City may now explore using the excess capacity of its fiber optic infrastructure in partnership with the private sector to potentially deliver high speed Internet, enhanced telecommunications and cable television services to residents and businesses.

At this time, Centennial is investigating next steps with regards to Ballot Question 2G and the City’s fiber optic infrastructure.